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Demi Lovato Gives Fans Updates On New Music And Acting!

Demi is back stronger than ever!



Demi Lovato has been hard at work coming up with new and exciting ways to keep her fans on their toes! Her new music will will release when she’s 100% “confident.” This was Lovato’s first public appearance in over a year.

“I didn’t say when… now I’m just teasing you,” she joked to the audience once the subject of new music came up. “So here’s the thing with new music, I know you guys have wanted it ever since I released my last album, it’s important to remember that I am so cautious this time around for jumping back into things,” she explained.

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“I am dying to release new music, there have been times where I’m like ‘Well can’t we just release a snippet?’ and it’s like ‘No, everything in due time.'”

Why is she holding off on new music? , the wait is killing me. Its only because; She wants to put the best work possible out for her fans and she’s been busy with other ventures. “There’s a reason why it’s taking longer but it’s only because I’m trying to perfect that music for you guys,” she explained. “With acting, I’m getting back into that, which I never thought I would say because you know, having had body image issues I was afraid to get back on camera for the longest time .”

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Lovato’s last acting role was in the 2018 animated film Charming! The singer/actress is currently working on the upcoming Netflix film, Eurovision, that stars Will Ferrell. Lovato will play the role of Katiana, a singer from Iceland. The movie is currently being filmed in Iceland and the U.K.

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