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Did You Know Jennifer Lopez’s Revealing 2000 Grammy Dress Is The Reason Google Images Was Created!

You can thank J Lo!



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Google images have become a part of our life these days without thinking we just type something and go to the images. But have you ever stopped and wondered how Google Images actually came into existence?

Well, you can thank the, Jennifer Lopez for that! Back in 2000, when Jennifer Lopez stepped out on the Grammy red carpet in her barely-there jungle print Versace dress, things changed.

In 2000, Google search results were only limited to simple pages with text, but then people started searching for, ‘Jennifer Lopez’s green dress,’ and Google realised that they need to up their game.

That is when Google Images was born. Thank You J Lo!

The dress had been won 3 times before Jennifer donned it and made history, the creative director of the brand, Donatella Versace herself had worn the dress before but not once the craze had been to this extent.

And recently, Versace showcased their Spring 2020 womenswear collection, which was based around the iconic green leaf, jungle print dress. And who better to close the show, other than the 50-year-old singer-actor herself.

And there is no denying, 19 years after the red carpet Grammy moment our jaws touched the floor once again when we saw JLo walking on the ramp in a revamped version of  Versace jungle print dress.

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