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Do Malaysians Not Know The Effect Of Racial Slurs? #TerkiniWithNandini

Is calling people Malays, Meleis, okay?



Calling people names, is known to be a form of bullying.

In a heated topic, #TerkiniWithNandini discuss about racial slurs and if many of our fellow Malaysian understand the effect it may have in years to come.

Recently, there has been tweets going around of people asking if calling malays, “Meleis” is acceptable.

Calling someone “Melei”- is to stereotype a person as bad, and a term of an insult of the race.

Is it okay to use these terms among each other?

Watch the conversation below:

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Do you think its okay to use the term "melei" or is it a racial slur? #TerkiniWithNandini #FlyAMMayhem

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On a different topic, Hafiz is “running” out of excuses.

RD has been inviting him to go for a run for the past one month and he’s continuously come up with hundreds of reason as to why he can’t join.

One being…

“Corona is still out there! Yesterday I saw the parks near my place, it’s full of people. I don’t want my fluids to exchanging with theirs and their sweat everywhere fall onto my face!”- Hafiz

So, should Hafiz run with RD after 1 month of pressure?

Here’s what Fly rakyats voted for

Listen to more of the conversations here on the podcast!

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