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Do You Know The Real Ages Of “The Umbrella Academy” Cast?

Age is just a number!




The Umbrella Academy fever is still running high.

Whether you have just started getting into the series or have repeated it 1000 times, there’s no doubt that you’d become attached to the characters and the real life actors.

Though their on-screen characters share the exact same birthdate, the cast members all have different birthdays.

Here are all their real ages off-screen, which might just surprise you!

Tom Hopper as Number One (Luther)

The Umbrella Academy 2. Via Screen rant

The British actor’s actual age is 35 years old! Seems fitting for his character who’s the oldest of his on-screen siblings.

David Castañeda as Number Two (Diego)

The Umbrella Academy 2. Via CBR

David is 30 years old. Fun fact; the actor is only 23 days younger than his character, who was born on October 1, 1989!

Emmy Raver-Lampman as Number Three  (Allison)

The Umbrella Academy 2. Via Digital Spy

Emmy is 31 and was born on September 5. Just like her character the actress was adopted as a newborn. Her adoptive mother is a professor at Old Dominion University, and her father is a writer and teacher.


Robert Sheehan as Number Four (Klaus)

The Umbrella Academy 2. Via Comic Book

The Irish actor is actually 32 years-old! We can barely tell, he still looks like he’s in his 20s!!

Aidan Gallagher as Number Five  (The Boy) 

The Umbrella Academy 2. Via Entertainment Weekly

There’s no doubt that the real life actor is the youngest of the cast at 16-years old (though, he plays a much older character in the series). But with his mature character on and off camera, it’s hard to tell if he’s fooling us in IRL too!

Justin H. Min as Number Six (Ben) 

The Umbrella Academy 2. Via Seventeen Magazine

The Korean-American actor’s age is 30 years-old! Justin is pretty much the youngest out of the older cast members.

Ellen Page as Number Seven (Vanya)

The Umbrella Academy 2. Via Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Canadian actress and producer, Ellen, doesn’t look like it, but is actually 33 years old! This makes her the second oldest among her cast members.

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