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Do You Know When You Should Wear A Face Mask? #TerkiniWithNandini

“Only wear a face mask if you’re sick!”



With COVID-19 increasing in numbers daily globally, many have questions as to when they should wear a mask on? Do you only wear masks when you’re sick?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s Am Mayhem and Nandini discuss when you should wear a face mask!

Fly’s Am Mayhem and Nandini have come to the consensus that face mask should only be worn if you’re a feeling unwell or you would be discharging your bodily fluid.

However, many don’t realize that the shortage of face mask is a real issue in curbing the pandemic, because the ones who truly needs it, such as the frontliners and the unwell need these face masks desperately.

” World Health Organization (WHO) says you do not have to wear face mask if you’re not sick!” – Nandini

” What they don’t want to understand is the shortage of the masks, is for the people that really really need it and people out there are making a quick buck selling these masks which is also wrong!” – Guibo

Then lie the underlying issue remains, whereby information is not properly distributed or the spreading of fake news.

“Here’s the thing though, I think a lot of people are getting very confused because there’s a lot of miscommunication going on with WHO and also with governments around the world. Cause we had our roadblocks set up over here during MCO wasn’t one of the directions saying you must be in a car, one person only and with the face mask?” – RD

“Can we also talk about how bad, the government has been with how confusing they have been with directives. So yes you are right about that, the final you don’t have to wear mask if yo are not sick is not loud enough, is not clear enough  and people refuse to focus on it because people are afraid of catching  the virus” – Nandini

Face masks should only be worn if you are feeling unwell, so there is no necessary for people to hoard on these masks. Frontliners could do so much with those masks that are being hoarded by individuals who doesn’t really need them.

” Go to the nearest hospital, and donate them! As appose to keeping it for yourself when you don’t have a real need for it, I’m sure you can keep some just in case you are sick and you need to go out, but you don’t have to keep 10 boxes o face masks!” – Nandini

Watch the conversation down below:


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There’s a shortage of masks due to people over buying masks regardless if they’re sick or not. #FlyAMMayhem

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Conclusion is, if you have unnecessary amounts of face masks, find a nearby hospital or to any doctors who facing the virus first hand and donate! It’s no doubt that this pandemic is a hard and stressful time for us all, the least we can do is to contribute and ease the burden of the frontliners by #stayathome but if you have funds to spare please don’t forget the less fortunate #kitajagakita.


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