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Do You Miss Getting Ready For Work?

Hafiz is happy not showering!




Fly’s AM Mayhem RD, misses dressing up to work.

Since MCO (the Movement Control Order) , Hafiz, Guibo and RD have mostly stayed in their pajamas while working from home.

So, RD, has come up with an idea for the Fly’s AM Mayhem to dress up tomorrow (28 April) for a change, and give them a mood booster!

“Tomorrow maybe we should be a little different when we get on to our show, by wearing some uniforms!”

“I kinda miss dressing up to work…So maybe we (can) spice things up. ‘Cause… I’m sick and tired of seeing your collar bone, Hafiz!” -RD

Hafiz wonders if dressing up actually changes our mood?

“Does it help because, you know, getting ready for work, you put yourself in that mindset that I’m going to work. So your energy level will be a bit different compared to now?” -Hafiz

Guibo definitely thinks so,

“I would think so because before, I must admit, the first week of MCO, when we’re working from home and stuff like that, I didn’t shower before we did the show.”

“But now, I shower before we do the show and I feel more energized and I feel like, alright, you know what, let’s go!”- Guibo



But Hafiz says he’s happy not having to dress up

“For me, I don’t miss getting ready for work at all! Even though I stay like five minutes away from the office. But it’s great when I just wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth and I’m ready to talk to you guys! -Hafiz


Do you miss getting ready for work or school? Fly’s Rakyat shared their thoughts

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