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Doctors Risk Their Lives To Deliver Baby Of Suspected Coronavirus Patient

By Says – Tamara Jayne



Image from UNTV NewsUNTV News

In the midst of the growing coronavirus epidemic, doctors successfully delivered a baby boy from a woman suspected of being infected by the mysterious virus

On Friday, 24 January, doctors in Wuhan performed a cesarean when they observed that a pregnant woman’s health was deteriorating and her baby was putting too much pressure on her.

 Global Times

CNA reported that there was no proper treatment for her illness while she was pregnant and she was having fever and a non-stop cough.

As a result, doctors put their own lives on the line and faced the risk of infection by conducting the dangerous surgery

The doctor, Zhao Yin, had to wear two protective suits, a face mask, and goggles during the one-hour surgery.

“I could barely see or hear anything. And I was soaked with sweat,” Zhao told state television, according to Reuters.

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