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Dua Lipa’s new single “Swan Song” set in a futuristic world

today25 January 2019


Dua Lipa is kicking off 2019 with another hit by unveiling her contribution to the Alita: Battle Angel soundtrack – “Swan Song.”

The new song titled “Swan Song” is not a swan dance at all. It is a battle cry and it’s empowering. The song is from the upcoming 20th Century Fox’s animated movie ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ due on February 14, 2019. The Robert Rodriguez directed movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by robots.

Set in a futuristic, post-war world setting, Dua roams around the streets of the film’s Iron City, sporting heavy gold and silver chains over a black leather crop top and pants. She then re-emerges in another setting, almost as if waking up from a nightmare, where she faces herself in a mirror.

It’s a defiant number lined with edgy, infiltrating percussion;

“I won’t stay quiet, I won’t stay quiet,

‘Cause staying silent’s the same as dying.”

Lipa sings, before powerfully declaring that;

“This is not a… This is not a… Swan song.”

To us, the interesting part of the video comes when Dua performs more than a handful of strong poses and choreographed moves, for which she trained extensively judging by some behind-the-scenes footage. Those moves looks bad-a** as she steps forward to save the humanity while she gazes into a mirror at the film’s titular CGI protagonist. Might we say, Dua’s look is quite similar to the protagonist Alita because it somehow fits their powerful symbol.

“Swan Song” is definitely a bit of a new direction. Sure, she still operates in the same beat, contemporary pop universe, but the vibe is certainly different. The chanting in the background, a well-known soundtrack touch, and overall dramatic progression of the song make it stand out enough on its own. As we all know, Dua is known for her laidback, almost nonchalant vocals, but this track certainly pushed her. She looks like she is ready to fight and she easily gets across the fierce attitude of the lyrics with her voice.

Dua Lipa is the perfect choice for a song and video of this nature. She has a piercing personality and a strong presence. She would be the perfect rebel for a post-apocalyptic world.

All things considered, this could easily be her next song to dominate the charts.

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Source: Billboard, Rolling Stone

Written by: Priscilla G

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