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Every New Photo From YOU Season 2 Has Us More Excited…And Scared!

Are YOU ready to get creeped out again?!



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Ready to get a little creeped out again?

We’re now less than a month away from the return of You, the Lifetime-turned-Netflix drama that has the whole world confused about our love of Penn Badgley.

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In the new season, Joe has moved to Los Angeles in an effort to escape his New York troubles (he murdered his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend and her best friend, and then found out the ex-girlfriend he thought he murdered was still alive, you know), and while he will always be an LA-hating New Yorker at heart, he’s trying to make the city into some sort of home.

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Ahead of the post-Christmas release of season two, Netflix has been releasing new photos and creepy little tidbits on the show’s Twitter page.

We also just got a first look at Chris D’Elia‘s comedian character Henderson, who showrunner describes as an “uberfamous comedian and known good guy.”

We’ll be over here soaking up every morsel about the second season until it finally drops, here’s everything we know so far, as well as all the new photos for season two down below:


You, Season 2

Season two is heading to Los Angeles instead of New York. Will people in New York be better at having curtains? Only time will tell. What we do know is that Joe is not a Los Angeles fan in any way. He’s gonna hate it!

You Season 2

Since Beck is…indisposed, Joe will now be setting his sights on a girl named Love Quinn, played by Haunting of Hill House star Victoria Pedretti. Love is an “artistic” aspiring chef in LA working as a produce manager in a high-end grocery store.

You Season 2

Joe’s ex-girlfriend made a surprising appearance at the end of the first season, after we were left to assume Joe had killed her, and clearly Joe also thought he had killed her. He didn’t, and Ambyr Childers was promoted to series regular for season two.

Charlie Barnett

Charlie Barnett, who most recently starred opposite Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll, will play Gabe, Love’s oldest friend and closest confidant.

You, Season 2

You, Penn Badgley, Netflix

Just because Joe has framed Dr. Nicky and moved across the country doesn’t mean Beck and Peach’s murders (and Benji’s and….) couldn’t come back to haunt him. EP Sera Gamble reminded THR that Peach’s family has hired an investigator and there’s still probably evidence in her house.

You season two arrives on Netflix on December 26, just in time for a post-holiday binge!

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