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Fans Can’t Get Over How Robin Williams Daughter Got The Genie On Insta Disney Filter

We are most definitely crying!



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If you’ve been on Instagram this past weekend you would have noticed that everyone and their grandmas have been posting about the infamous Instagram filter personality tests. They seem to use your face to decide things like which cat looks matches your personality you belong in, what you will accomplish in the new year, and maybe most popularly, which Disney character you embody!

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Well, Zelda Williams, daughter of the late actor Robin Williams, whom we 90’s kids grew up with as Genie from the animated film Aladin. She decided to try out the Disney character filter and the results are heartwarming, we arent afraid to admit we shed a few tears.


Zelda got the genie from Aladdin, who was voiced by none other than her father, luckily, she was recording when she used the filter.

Watch the video down below:

Of course twitter went berserk and fans couldn’t contain their heartwarming feelings!

I don’t think anyone can top Zelda!

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