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CNY Etiquette

There are so many do’s and dont’s on Chinese New Year which many are not aware off.

Failing Is Okay

Sometimes we just need someone to point us to the right direction!

Get On with It!

Having just the right level of self-confidence can help you perform at your peak.

Something for the Rainy Day

It seems like Flybot didn’t get the memo and shop till he literally “drops”. Find out in the latest episode of Flybot’s digital comic tonight on Fly FM’s Facebook page and IG @flyfm958.

21-Days Challenge

Flybot has embarked on a journey to beat Hafiz in the 21 days challenge! Just like Hafiz, Flybot is also going to create healthy habit in 21 days. Can he stick it out with the challenge?


What is a New Year celebration without a magnificent display of fireworks, right? Flybot thought so too but his friends are not quite sure about that.


Christmas is here! It's the season of giving and joy. This year Fybot and a friend have planned something different to celebrate Christmas.


Managing a project is not easy! Flybot would agree to that because he has been appointed as the project manager for a charity event.

Fly Epic!

Flybot is behaving rather peculiar at school. He keeps on screaming "That's Epic" to almost everything that he sees. Not only that, he also got called into the headmaster's room! What is happening?

Together Is Better

Flybot has a fierce rival in the coming skateboard competition.

Camping Trip

Exam is just around the corner. Unfortunately after they got their results, someone is not going to the camping trip.

The Number You Have Dialed

Will he tells the truth or cover it up?