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20yo Malaysian Singer Shalma Eliana Was Called The ‘Devils Spawn’ For Dating Fellow Singer; Her Secret For Dealing With Negativity?

She shares how she deals with the negativity and horrific abuse thrown at them.



Young love is fragile. Both parties are usually learning about themselves and the world as individuals. However, learning to navigate through life with someone else to support you can be both beneficial and difficult. Whatsmore if you’re doing so in the limelight as a public figure. For 20-year-old singer Shalma Eliana, it means having to deal with negative and borderline abusive comments from trolls.



The ‘Mahukah Kamu’ singer recently revealed some of the comments she has received simply because of her public relationship with fellow artist, Ismail Izzani. In an interview with Harian Metro, Eliana shared:


“I have been subjected to various forms of criticism. In fact, some have even thrown in threats. Amongst them, were comments that my face looks old, that I’m from hell and more,”


However, her partner Izzani has gone through worse.


“Mail (Ismail) has received worse messages. In fact, there are individuals who are willing to hurt themselves just to get his attention.”



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The young and talented artists have been in a relationship since 2018, and while they’re not confirming nor denying the possibility of getting engaged, they’re both serious about each other and their careers. Eliana (whose given name is Shalma Eliana binti Bruhanutheen) has said that being in a relationship, it’s only natural that one would want it to last and to mature however, the two are still young and that it’s too soon to think about such matters. Both the families of the young artists are aware of their relationship and thus, they are comfortable with being open about their relationship on social media.



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Speaking to Berita Harian, Izzani (whose real name is Ismail Izzani Zainal Nazeri), shared:


“Everyone’s point of view is different. Some positive people will see us motivating each other, whats more because we are in the same industry. With Shalma being new in the industry and working to build her name, we share more about our careers. In fact, we’re always reminding ourselves to focus on ourselves and our careers first.”



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Recently, Elina has been busy promoting her new single, ‘Aroma’ of which she says:


“The song, to some extent, has to do with my life story so not only is it loaded with feelings of anger and sadness but it also reflects the aura of self-strength. This song for me is a celebration of women who have strong identities, women who do not let their dignity continue to be trampled on and know what is best for themselves. It carries a message: to love and value yourself because the most important relationship in our lives is the relationship with ourselves.”


Watch the music video here:

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