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2nd Gen K-Pop Kings HIGHLIGHT Remind Us They’re “Still Here” In Artsy New MV

From beasts to the highlight of fans days, the boys are back in full force!



“I’m still here, it’s not the end,”

Lights, rejoice! The boys are back in full force since their mandatory military service stint, which saw Highlight members Yoon Doo Joon, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Gi Kwang, and Son Dong Woon take a two and a half year long hiatus. Returning with their third EP, The Blowing, fans will get 6 new songs – WAVE, Hey Yeah, Sorry, Disconnected, Surf and Not The End – with Not The End taking the spot of the title track. The track was written and composed by member Gi Kwang, alongside famed lyricists Pollen (who’s worked with GOT7, SHINHWA, 2PM) & Lavin (who also worked on songs for GOT7).


Speaking to the Korea Times, Gi Kwang said of Not The End:


Through the lyrics of our lead single, we tell our fans that we want to get closer to them again; we want to become something like a spring breeze that can warm them up after the winter,” 


The music video has a fairytale-like glow, with tonnes of flowers that match the meltingly smooth vocals of the members. The dance moves, however, might bring fans back to the group’s Fiction era, with its fancy footwork. All four members of the group are able to showcase their amazing vocal abilities, with the change in tempo from a slow ballad to an EDM-filled chorus.



Fans will remember when the group was introduced as the “Boys to Search for Top”, aka BEAST/B2ST. The members debuted in 2009, as a six-member group alongside former members Yong Jun Hyung and Jang Hyun Seung. In the beginning, the group gained attention for being the group that was made up of “recycled material”. This was in reference to the members training and activities before making up BEAST. Upon debuting, the group soon went on to become of the most awarded groups of all time in South Korea. As Highlight (the name with which the group has identified with since 2017), the group released their first mini-album Can you feel it? in March 2017, and then later in the year, released their Repackage album Calling You and EP album CELEBRATE. The Blowing follows the groups 2018 project, Outro. These were well received by fans, with only the best to be expected from the industry veterans now that they’re back together!


The boys have also been actively trying out different aspects of idol life that differ from when they were first starting out in their travel reality show ‘Highlight With A Twist’, with tonnes of wonderful moments from games, missions, mukbangs, late-night chats, and more!




What do you think of their new song? Well, I for one (having been a fan of the boys since Mystery and Bad Girl), am just really happy to see the boys back to doing what they love ❤️


*Cover image credits: @highlight_auent

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