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Actress Faezah Elai Slams Critics For Ignorant Misinterpretation Of Her Comments On Higher Education

Even singer Zarul shared his two cents on the matter.




Penang-born Malaysian actress Faezah Elai has recently found herself on the receiving end of intense backlash after what seems to be a misunderstanding. During a sit down with singer Zarul Husin (a.k.a. Zarul Umbrella on Youtube), Elai took the time to reminisce about her time as a flight attendant back in 2003. As part of the segment, Elai shared what she had learned during her time with the airlines, stating:


“I’ve heard a saying that if you are educated with a Master’s or PhD degree but you haven’t travelled, you can’t compare your level of experience with someone who’s seen the world.”


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However, her comment was then misconstrued to meaning that people who have chosen to get their degrees, masters and PhDs were less than those who had travelled. Insulted netizens went on to lash out and demean Elai’s experience as part of the cabin crew of an aircraft, stating:


“On the plane, flight attendants like you only serve food and wash the toilets.”


Another agreed with the statement, pointing out that Elai only had three years of experience as a member of a cabin crew. The netizen give an example of her own friends that were stewardeses for longer and yet did not  give “statements as outlandish” as Elai’s. The netizen commented:


“I worked hard while studying for my degree. Does she think it’s a breeze? Her last sentence is a little stupid. Stewardesses that travel everywhere also don’t spend their time outside. My friends and family who are scattered because of their jobs with airlines also don’t give statements as great as the ones given by this kid that has three years of experience and already feels powerful. Pity her.”


Having seen the comments, Elai posted them on her Instagram profile with a lengthy caption calling them out for their mean-spirited criticism.


“If having a degree turns you into an arrogant, uncivilised person, you can stay ignorant.”




Elai didn’t fail to respond to the comments, clarifying the misunderstanding that she had devalued the importance of higher education with her statement. The 38-year-old ‘KL Zombie’ actress explained,

“In my video interview with Zarul, I spoke about my life as a member of a cabin crew. I said those who have an SPM-level education yet have travelled (especially as a solo traveller) a lot will have more experience and will be more open as well as wiser compared to those that have a masters or a PhD but have never traveled. Not everyone can study up to a degree-level, not only because of issues with money, but somtimes because they cannot bring themselves to sit and read books. Some people simply prefer accumulating knowledge by meeting different people and exposing themselves to different cultures and religions.”


She went on,


“I did not say that you should not enter University; I too have gone to university. But with God’s grace, I was also able to view his creations elsewhere, learn patience in the face of anger, learn to be thankful, learn self-awareness when serving people food.”



Zarul also took the time to pop into the comment section of the post to share his opinion. The vocalist for the group ‘Umbrella’ stated:



“There are those that have masters and degrees that don’t know how to say thank you (not everyone, though). Even if you have a high IQ and are well-learned, you cannot compare the knowledge that you have to the knowledge that you get from experience and travelling. Of course, there is no denying the importance of chasing knowledge – don’t misunderstand me, as well.”

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