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Netizen Ask Sharifah Sakinah To Repent After Posting ‘’Distasteful’’ Photo With New BF

Apparently, there’s also a speculation saying she has remarried after only 5 months of divorce.




Not long after confirming her divorced from then husband in May, actress Sharifah Sakinah didn’t shy away from admitting that she has found a new beau, of whom she met at a gym. 

Often uploading ‘’friendly’’ photos together, the 31-years-old actress has never clearly confirmed their relationship. However, per their latest photo uploaded by Michael Hansen on his IG, the speculation of possibilities that the two are already married has attracted the attention of netizens. Reason was, when asked whether they’re officially spouses, she replied the comment with a ring emoji. 


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Evening fun (finally a pool to swim in)


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Captioning the photo, “Evening fun (finally a pool to swim in)—netizen then started to flood the comment sections calling out the actress to repent. ‘’May God leads you back to where you’re supposed to be’’ says one person. Another one added, ‘’Follow Neelofa’s lead, be a better Muslim’’. The post has now garnered over 3,273 likes and 152 comments. 

However, when contacted by the media, Sakinah’s sister, Sharifah Shahirah answered the speculations by saying that she did not know anything about their marriage, nor did her little sister inform the whole family regarding the matter. 

‘’I swear I did not know anything about it. Maybe she was just joking and messing around with fans? If she’s indeed married we, as a family should’ve known.’’ The radio presenter then added, ‘’We’ve never stopped her from finding a new partner, if that is what she wishes to do so. She’s my sister after all.’’ 

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