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After Looking For Malaysian Talents, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Releases Gorgeous ‘This Is Malaysia’ Video

With the help of our fellow Malaysians, JGL managed to make a splendid homage to our country!




Remember when it was all over the news that ‘Project Power’ and ‘500 Days of Summer’ actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was reaching out to Malaysians with an invitation to collaborate? Not too long ago, Malaysian netizens were abuzz with the news that Levitt was looking for…


  • a one-liner in either English or Malay for a picture depicting an astronaut thinking
  • musicians, singers, rappers, and artists of all kinds to help create a song inspired by his Netflix movie, ‘Project Power’
  • Malay speakers to say the word “puisi”, or poetry in Malay


Along with the sudden spotlight on Malaysia, he’s released a short film titled ‘This Is Malaysia’!



The almost 2-minute video details everyday scenes in Malaysia; scenes that are familiar to us. ‘This is Malaysia’ was filmed by Malaysians for Levitt and it features pictures and short videos of bustling places like KLCC and Petaling Street as well as our paddy fields, caves and tea plantations. With  Levitt’s video, non-Malaysians are introduced to our beautiful diversity while we Malaysians are reminded of it.


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Hey everybody! So… I’m home, like many of you. And it’s really easy to feel scared, uncertain, and anxious during this time — which is why I wanted to make this video (link in my bio to watch the full thing). Maybe this is a way we can all cope with some of those feelings and make good use of the extra time at home. If there is one silver living to all of this, maybe it’s that we have fewer distractions to do things we’ve been wanting to do, like being creative. Starting today, I’ve made a commitment to do something creative every day while I’m home during quarantine… and I hope this inspires you to be creative too. As you know, I like making art together 🙂 Head to the link in my bio ⬆️ and I’ll see you on @hitrecord!


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‘This Is Malaysia’ was made with the help of our fellow Malaysians and in collaboration with HitRecord, an online collaborative media platform founded and owned by the 39-year-old actor and director, Levitt. Founded in 2004, the platform allows everyone around the world to collaborate on projects and to ‘make things together’. The idea is to allow anyone – beginners, experts or otherwise – to be able to express their creativity in any way, shape or form; be it through ‘writing, film, music, or any other kind of art’.


It seems as if Levitt is not slowing down, too. He’s posted calls to action to those in India, the Philippines, and Germany, and has also asked for French, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese speakers, among others. Wonder what other exciting projects he’s coming up with and how we Malaysians can contribute our own creativity? Keep an eye on HitRecord!

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