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After The Mockery & Backlash, Gal Gadot Breaks Her Silence on Infamous ‘Imagine’ Video

The ‘Wonder Woman’ got A LOT of hate for the video.




At the start of the global pandemic, many looked for ways to deal with the sudden change in lifestyle. From once being able to go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted only to suddenly find ourselves confined to the same four walls for weeks on end – a lot of adjusting needed to be done. Thankfully, despite the physical distance, we still remained connected through technology. The internet received a sudden surge in positive content at a time when positivity was very much needed. Celebrities used their platform to remind people to adhere to SOPs as well as to keep their fans entertained through online concerts and live sessions. One of the celebrities to hop on the bandwagon was Gal Gadot who – now infamously – rallied her fellow celebs in a video that was meant to spread hope. Unfortunately for the ‘Wonder Woman’ actress, things didn’t quite go according to plan and many called the attempt at singing John Lenon’s ‘Imagine’ a ‘tone-deaf’ spectacle.


Now, the 35-year-old Israeli actress has shared what went into putting the video together and why her “good intentions” ultimately fell through. In the initial video that has been heavily critiqued, Gadot explained that the whole idea came about after she was inspired by a man in Italy, who was recorded playing the trumpet on his balcony to amuse his fellow tenants as they remained in quarantine.  Before starting off the song, she shared:


“He was playing ‘Imagine’ and there was something so powerful and pure about this video.”



Viewers who saw the video pointed out that there was not much use to it. One user said,


“To Gal Gadot and all the rich celebrities in that video with money, top insurance, and are out of touch to the struggle of everyday American during this time: The struggle is real people are losing their jobs and they don’t need a Beatle song trying to make it better,”


While another lamented,


“Listen, I love all of these people and I get it…but there is more important s*** going on right now. How about they all donate $1 for every view this video receives instead?” 


Now, in her interview with  Vanity Fair, Gadot reflects on the choice to have done the video.


She shared,


“Sometimes, you know, you try and do a good deed and it’s just not the right good deed. I had nothing but good intentions and it came from the best place, and I just wanted to send light and love to the world.”


The good intention seemed to have been shared by all the celebrities who appeared in the two-minute video – including the likes of Will Ferrell, Natalie Portman, Jimmy Fallon, Zoe Kravitz, Amy Adams, Mark Ruffalo, James Marsden, Sarah Silverman, Maya Rudolph, Sia, Nora Jones and more. However, one of the participants in the video – Jamie Dornan – later claimed he had been asked to participate in the video by Kirsten Wig, only to have her apologise to him afterwards for dragging him into one of the most trolled videos of the year. Speaking on Shane Todd’s Tea With Me podcast, Dornan stated:


“Kristen texted two days before that came out, ‘My friend Gal and I are trying to organize this thing to try and lift people’s spirits,’. So I was like, ‘Of course I’ll do it, it sounds like a lovely thing to do.’ She was trying to do a good and kind thing and just got nailed for it,”


Gadot confirms this in her interview with Variety, stating that the video was initially meant to be made with a small group of friends, but ended up including more and more people after Kirsten Wig caught wind of the idea.


“I started with a few friends, and then I spoke to Kristen [Wiig]. Kristen is like the mayor of Hollywood. Everyone loves her, and she brought a bunch of people to the game. But yeah, I started it, and I can only say that I meant to do something good and pure, and it didn’t transcend.”




*Cover image credits: Gal Gadot's Instagram as taken by @dudihasson1

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