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“Tok Ti Is Cancelled!” Siti Nurhaliza Turns Off Comment Section On IG Following SOP Breach Controversy

No exception, even for Malaysia’s favourite celebrity.



Netizens have left no exception this time around.


Hailed as Malaysia’s favourite finger, Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza has closed her comment section on Instagram since yesterday following mass criticism for breaching SOPs during her recent tahnik ceremony for her second son, Muhammad Afwa.



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Based on observations, Siti Nurhaliza, often referred to as ‘Tok Ti’ has restricted comments on a few recent postings to avoid negative comments being posted that may cause a feeling of discomfort to her followers.



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She initially received attention from the public when her tahnik ceremony opened room for criticism as the country was still under the rules of the Movement Control Order. Many thought that the celebrity was being insensitive, with most Malaysians still waiting for an opportunity to host gatherings and travel back to their hometowns to see their loved ones.



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Many were also left feeling dissatisfied to see a few guests given permission to cross the border just to attend the ceremony.

Tok Ti on the other hand, sees the criticism as a blessing from God, sharing an Instagram story saying she’s blessed with pahala percuma during the month of Ramadan.



Authorities have reportedly already taken the statements from the 8 individuals involved in the ceremony, including the organizer in regards to the breach of the Conditional Movement Control Order SOP. Even Malaysia’s favourite celebrity has been ‘cancelled’ showing that Malaysians want public figures to lead by example. Do you guys think it’s the right move?


The issue became of the SOP breach became apparent when Twitter user @FiqhTabayyun  shared screenshots of Instagram and Facebook posts of the tahnik ceremony.



The taḥnīk ceremony is an Islamic ceremony of touching the lips of a newborn baby with honey, sweet juice or pressed dates. The affair raised the ire of netizens, who weren’t very happy to see the photos of the event. Especially so with the evident lack of precautions.



This user said: “So cringe watching this, many are touching the baby without a mask, in the middle of a pandemic. No. Nope.”



This user said: “Hope PDRM will fine Tokti (Siti Nurhaliza) and her family.. before this tahnik issue there were a lot of events that they’ve done but no action.. go ahead and stalk Tokti’s IG.”



As they said, this isn’t the 42-year-olds first apparent breach of SOPs. Prior to this, the Malaysian singer was called out for hosting a crowd after she delivered her second child in the hospital.



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A post shared by Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin (@ctdk)


SOPs guidelines are important. The virus is no joke. Despite this news, we do hope Malaysians continue to practice SOPs regardless of what others do. Stopping the virus is a mass effort and every effort counts.


*Cover image & photo credit: Instagram @ctdk


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