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Ashley Benson Broke Up With “Ladies Man” G-Eazy Because He Wasn’t “Fully Committed” 

Why does it sound like there are implications he may have cheated?



Ashley Benson Broke Up With Ladies Man G-Eazy Because He Wasn't Fully Committed 

Daily Mail

Ashley Benson is not a woman to be messed with, she’s ready to end things if you don’t behave right!

According to E! News a source close to Ashley exclusively says that the Pretty Little Liars star split from the rapper a few days ago, it was also revealed by the source, the actress and musician “had been fighting a lot recently.”

“Ashley didn’t like the way he was acting around her.” “The vibe has just been off. She told him that it’s over.” To make things worse, the source says, “She felt he hadn’t been fully committed to her.”

Ashley Benson Broke Up With Ladies Man G-Eazy Because He Wasn't Fully Committed 

Yahoo News

It comes as no surprise as fans knew the rapper does not have the cleanest sheet when it comes to his past relationships, infidelity was allegedly an issue in the rapper’s previous relationships, with a source telling E! News in October of 2018 that he and ex-girlfriend Halsey split due to his flirtatious behavior “was flirting with several girls in public”. The insider goes on to share that Ashley was aware her former partner G-Eazy has “always been a ladies man,” but only “had hesitations once they started getting serious.”

Unfortunately, neither the actress nor the rapper have commented on the breakup, but fans wasted no time, by just a search of the actress Instagram shows that she is not following her ex anymore.

Well, it was fun while it lasted!

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