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BLACKPINK Sheds Tears In The Trailer For Their New Netflix Documentary

The first look at BLACKPINK’s upcoming documentary.




In the first K-pop original docu-movie produced by Netflix, fans will get to see BLACKPINK go from a young group of trainees to one of the biggest female acts in the world. The group debuted in 2016 under YG Entertainment, the same company who also introduced other class acts like Big Bang, 2NE1, Psy and more to the world. And in the newly released trailer for the docu-movie titled, ‘Light Up The Sky’, we get to understand the girls that make up the South Korean phenomenon in one-on-one interviews and behind the scene clips.



In a reaction video to the trailer, BLACKPINK reflected on their time on tour, squealed at various throwback videos that are included in the trailer and expressed their surprise to see scenes of themselves in the recording studio with their producer Teddy Park. As for their thoughts on the docu-movie, 24-year-old rapper Jennie shared;


“I’m curious to see ourselves through other people’s eyes. I’m excited for how people will feel when they see this because we’re used to us but I don’t know people will actually feel watching this.”


23-year-old Thai national Lisa laughed that viewers may think they’re “weird kids” while Rosé shared that the docu-movie felt like a family home video. As for what the oldest of the group – 25-year-old lead vocal Jisoo thought – she shared,


“This is us in our natural state, instead of the perfect dream image we usually present and it is truly a more genuine look at our early training, us recording together and basically a deeper look at all of us.”


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The trailer introduces BLACKPINK as ‘the best charting Korean group of all time’ and rightfully so. In the four years since their debut, the girls have picked up multiple awards as well as broken various records. Most recently, the girls set the record for the fastest K-Pop girl group music video to hit 10 million views (only 3 hours and 40 minutes for ‘How You Like That’ to reach 10 million) as well as the fastest Korean group to hit 70 million views. They also managed to break multiple Guinness World Records with ‘How You Like That’.



Phew! Talk about phenomenal! Thankfully, we’ve just a little under a week to wait until ‘Blackpink: Light Up the Sky’ drops on October 14th on Netflix!




*Cover image credit: Netflix

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