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Can You Guess Which K-Pop Idol This Plastic Surgeon Picked As The “Most Beautiful”?

The surgeon described her as “one with ‘perfect harmony’ between Eastern and Western standards of beauty,”



Recently, a video of a South Korean plastic surgeon describing the differences in beauty standards in the South Korean K-Pop industry has been making headlines. In the almost 7 minute video, Dr Min Hee-joon brings up female idols from 5 different popular girl groups: Seulgi of Red Velvet, Jisoo of BLACKPINK, Naeun of April, Arin of Oh My Girl and Jihyo of Twice.



As he looks at pictures of the girls, he talks about their eyes, nose, jaw and overall facial structures in relation to the image that these features portray (i.e. “girl crush”, “kind”, “smart”). At the end of the video, Dr Min picks – who he thinks – is the most beautiful of the five idols.


And his answer is…


Kim Ji-soo of BLACKPINK



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Now, we’re not fans of pitting women against each other nor of comparing “beauty”, but it’s interesting to know what industry insiders think is the “standard”. After all, being on the inside, they’d be the most aware of the opinions and preferences of the general public. According to Dr Min…


“BlackPink’s Jisoo has deep-set eyes and beautiful double eyelids. She also has a perfectly dimensional face and a distinctive philtrum excellent for physiognomy,”


Picking Dior’s muse, Jisoo, as the ideal face for plastic surgery inspiration, Dr Min says her face is one with “perfect harmony” between Eastern and Western standards of beauty.



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With that being said, “standards” of beauty differ and there is no (and shouldn’t exist) one true “standard”. “Perfection” is, ironically, a flawed – and wholly unnecessary – concept. Everyone is on their own individual journey when it comes to beauty. Whether you choose to opt for plastic surgery or you’re happy in your own skin – as long as the decision is your own (and not swayed or influenced by social conventions), you do you! At the end of the day, remember that appearance isn’t everything and one’s identity should never be dependant solely on ones looks. Your worth isn’t measured by how you look, but by how authentically yourself you are.


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