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Caprice’s Highly Anticipated IG Live Cancelled, Says He’s Tired

“Hopefully, the truth will reveal itself.”



In recent developments, rapper Caprice has apologized as he was forced to cancel his highly anticipated Instagram live session at 10 pm yesterday.


Photo via Caprice


Caprice informed that he could not do the live session as he promised as there were individuals who made a police report against him.

“I’m sorry guys, someone made a police report and I cannot continue with the live tonight at 10. Hopefully, the truth will reveal itself.”


Photo via Caprice


However, Caprice also said that he already apologized to those involved as he did not want to make things worse, but he was disappointed with some people who used their power to clean the names of others.


“This is the second time something like this has happened. I’m tired and I’m passing this [issue] on to God.

I chose to move forward and be a better version of myself. I haven’t fully recovered from the experience but God-willing I will be better mentally and physically.”



Photos via Caprice


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