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Celebrity Pets Whose Instagram Accounts Have A Higher Follower Count Than Yours!

We could never compete.



Being a paw parent is one of the greatest pleasures in life.


Here we have compiled the top 5 celebrity pet accounts with the all the best floof and fluff. Follow them now for your long-term well-being!


1. @mrs.maverick – Nina Dobrev


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A post shared by Maverick Do(g)brev (@mrs.maverick)

Named after Tom Cruise’s Top Gun character, Mrs. Maverick is a border collie whom Nina Dobrev rescued from a shelter. It was love at first sight for these two, and they have been best friends ever since!


Nina has also cited that it was her dog that rescued her after the death of her beloved cat, Lynx. “I have the chillest dog in the world,” Nina said. 


2. @thewibbles – Ed Sheeran 


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A post shared by Calippo & Dorito (@thewibbles)

Aww, we simply can’t get enough of these two kitties! Looks like they have inherited daddy Ed Sheeran’s ginger colouring as well.


Ed Sheeran is known for his love of cats, so it’s no surprise that he would set up an Instagram account for his two best friends, Calippo and Dorito. However, Ed insists that “(his cats) set up their own Instagram, clever pussies.”


Make of that what you will, but don’t forget to follow the account!


3. @oskietheposkie – Justin Bieber


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A post shared by @oskietheposkie

With a verified account and 902K followers, little Oskie Bieber did not come to play. 


A member of the Bieber family, it’s only understandable that he would fit right in as one of the top influential pups in the world. While the breed of the dog is not confirmed, many have said he resembles a Maltese Yorkie. 


4. @missnuggetperry – Katy Perry 


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A post shared by NUGGET (@missnuggetperry)

Nugget Perry is a nugget of cuteness!


Katy and Nugget are an exclusive package as they are attached at the hip literally all the time. If you’re not already jealous of Miss Nugget, this micro teacup poodle has her own fan base!


5. @normieandbambijenner – Kylie Jenner 

Did you know that the Jenners clan also includes two dashing doggos?


As a Jenner themselves, these two greyhounds seem to follow their mommy Kylie’s footsteps as social media royalties. Despite not being able to post as many pictures of her handsome dogs since having her daughter Stormi, Normie and Bambi are still raking up the followers count!


A Jenner does as a Jenner does. 


Do you have pets? You might want to set up an Instagram account for them as well!


*Cover image via The Things

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