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Demi Lovato & Drew Barrymore Exchange’ Honest’ Experiences Growing Up In The Limelight

“There’s no manual on how to raise a child star,”



Demi Lovato has had a tough few years, and a huge part of it can be linked to the trauma of growing up in the harsh limelight of Hollywood. And who better to speak to her about it and relate to her pain than fellow actress Drew Barrymore, who started working at eleven months old and starred in the film ‘E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial’ at the tender age of seven?


Barrymore invited Lovato as a guest on her show, ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, where the singer opened up about her struggles shouldering the weight of adult responsibilities as a child.



The two connected over their wild and disillusioned childhood – opening up about partying while they were still young enough to be considered children, and the complications that resulted from them having to support their family financially.


“My parents, they did the best that they could,” the “Dancing With the Devil” singer said. “There’s no manual on how to raise a child star. And when the child star retorts back after the parent says, ‘You’re grounded for sneaking out at 3 in the morning,’ whatever, I retorted with, ‘Well, I pay the bills. What are you going to do? What are you doing to do to keep me grounded?’ So it was challenging.” 


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Barrymore related to this sentiment as well, saying,


“I always rebelled against authority ’cause deep down inside, I was always like, ‘I’m paying the rent around here.’”


She also touched on how confusing it can get to be working in adult jobs and surrounded by adults when you are not an adult. Lovato described that it was “weird” to be working with mostly adults as a child. 


“Your adult peers are, like I said, going to a bar after work or whatever, and you’re 17, thinking, ‘Well, what do I get to do to play?'” 



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She elaborated:


“I had this mentality of, if you’re going to work me like an adult, I get to party like one. But the reality was, adults weren’t partying like I was.”


You can catch her recent docuseries, ‘Dancing With The Devil’, where she touches on her past trauma and issues.


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