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Ebit Lew Donates Home For Man Living In His Car Just In Time For Hari Raya

“This is too much. I’m embarrassed. How am I going to pay you for all this?”



Life is tough for many Malaysians out there. Such as the case for this elderly folk aged 75 that was forced to make his car his home.

The heartbreaking story was shared by popular preacher Ebit Lew on his Instagram.


Photo via Ebit Lew


The preacher stated that the man stayed in the car for two months beneath a bridge nearby Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.


“He’s so nice, taking care of a cat in his car. So sad looking at this uncle’s condition. He has no one. He said his life was torn apart. Suddenly he started crying.”


What was more devastating was when the elderly folk shared how he lived alone only accompanied by the cats that he took care of all this time.


“Uncle, tomorrow is Raya. Raya inside here [car] only. Is there anyone I can call? No one. I live alone. Would you like me to rent a house for you and your cats? Okay. When is that? Now we go. I want you to celebrate Raya in a comfortable house.”


Following that, the preacher rented a new home for the uncle so he didn’t have to sleep in the car anymore. At the same time, Ebit Lew prayed that the man stayed healthy and was eased of his duties.


“The uncle cried. Why did he cry? Many people assisted. Couldn’t believe I got a new house. Went straight away to find a fridge, washing machine, and bed. Uncle said no need Ustaz. Even getting a house is enough. This is too much. I’m embarrassed. How am I going to pay you for all this?

Just pray, uncle. This is what you deserve for taking care of these cats. God has rewarded you. We met, and I’m giving you some money to eat. And I’m going to bring you to Elewsmart to buy cat sand and some food.”


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Original article by OhBulan!

*Cover Image Credits: Ebit Lew

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