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Gong Yoo Initially Rejected The Starring Role In ‘Seobok’ Because…

We’re glad he didn’t!



Gong Yoo, of ‘Train to Busan’ fame, initially rejected the idea of being a part of ‘Seobok’.


‘Sebook’ is a sci-fi film, originally planned for a December 2020 release but was delayed due to the pandemic. 




It tells the story of Ki Heon (played by Gong Yoo) who is tasked with the final mission of ensuring the safe transportation and protection of the very first human clone Seobok (played by Park Bo Gum). 


Gong Yoo revealed that ‘Seobok’ felt more like a homework assignment for him because it made him think about a problem and how to solve it. Fearing that the story was too big for him to convey is what led to him rejecting the role of Ki Heon in the beginning. However, director Lee Yong Joo sat him down and discussed his qualms. Gong Yoo finally agreed, feeling that he was ready to shoulder the responsibility of the role. 


Gong Yoo also jokingly shared that he had initially thought that Park Bo Gum, his co-star, would be no fun because he is so upright and honest. Well, first impressions are important but they aren’t always accurate!



About his role, Gong Yoo stated that his excitement for the release of the movie stemmed from the fact that it is a far deviation from the other roles he has played, helping him expand his body of work. He added that having Park Bo Gum by his side made him less nervous to attend the press conference. 


This is the first time Gong Yoo has had the chance to act with a junior male actor. Previously only paired up with senior actors, this time around, he had to take a sort of leadership role and show Park Bo Gum the ropes in acting. 


You can catch the trailer for ‘Seo Bok’ below!

*Cover image via Instagram @gongyoo7010

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