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“He’s Not Hot Tempered” M’sian Comedian Defends Comrade Following Viral Assault Video

We all have bad days I guess?



“Let the situation cool down first.”


Local actor and comedian Saiful Apek, also known as Apek Senario stated that he actually had no clue surrounding the controversy involving his fellow comrade Lan Pet Pet until he was told by someone. Saiful added that he did not contact Lan to ask about the incident that went viral on social media recently. He prefers to give his friend space because he may not know what Lan is going through.



“I’m saying this not because I want to ‘back-up’ a friend, but as an outsider, we shouldn’t be quick to get ourselves involved or punish someone. We (Senario) are like family. Even back then if someone finds themselves in trouble or in the heat of controversy, we’d let the situation cool down first and wait for the right moment to speak.”



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Saiful who was met by the media recently also stated that for as long as he’s known Lan Pet Pet, he was never the type to be hot-tempered or quick to react to something. He added that there must have been something to trigger the incident.



Previously, a video went viral where an individual resembling Lan was seen assaulting a food delivery man where Lan was grabbing him by the neck and hitting the man’s head as the public watched. The comedian has since then filed a police report. This isn’t the first time a video went viral of the comedian assaulting someone. Back in April 2019, he was involved in a scuffle with a security guard in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.


Times can get stressful, but maybe it’s best to take a breather before initiating action in any tense situation. Remember: it’s better to respond than to react.


*Cover image credit: Nurul Syazana Rose Razman / @My_CrimeWatch


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