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“It is really similar,” Internet Goes Up In Flames Over Similarities Between TXT’s New Trailer And…

Apparently, it’s eerily similar to an advertisement done by a noted fashion brand…



Hit K-pop boy band TXT (aka TOMORROW X TOGETHER) has recently released a very interesting concept trailer in order to build hype for their upcoming comeback – and build hype they have! But, while the insanely impressive choreo and movie/video-game-like videography has shooketh fans, some are pointing out similarities between the video and one by a luxury fashion brand.



Their video, ‘The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE Concept Trailer’ was eagerly awaited by their legions of fans but after the release, some netizens felt that the video gave them déjà vu. They noticed that TXT’s video seemed to resemble that of an advertisement that was formerly done by a huge — and I mean huge — fashion brand back in 2020. 



Among the reported similarities are the unique concept of ice and hail crashing from the sky, as well the background music that has a pretty similar beat. 


“It is really similar,” commented a netizen. 


Another netizen said, 


“Even the background music is similar.”


Eager to get to the bottom of things, a netizen decided to reach out to Charles Brisgand – the director behind the advertisement for the fashion brand. The netizen slid into Brisgand’s DMs via Instagram and asked if he had seen TXT’s concept trailer, and how he felt about it. 



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A post shared by Charles Brisgand (@charlesbrisgand)


Brisgand responded that while he wasn’t initially aware of the trailer by the K-pop hit-makers, he didn’t mind the similarities as he felt that they were simply inspired by the advertisement and didn’t see it as plagiarism. 




He also graciously thanked the netizen for sharing the issue with him. HYBE Labels (Big Hit Entertainment) has yet to respond to these allegations. However, based on the comments given by Brisgand himself, it’s safe to say that all impending rumours and backlash have been squashed. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the hard work the boys have put into for their impending comeback!


*Cover image via TXT 

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