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Johnny Depp Fans Rail Against Amber Heard Following ‘Aquaman 2’ Announcement




Johnny Depp fans are throwing hands and calling for Amber Heard to be fired from her role as Mera. Fans are also spreading the hashtag #BoycottAquaman2 in defence of Johnny Depp, who was falsely accused of domestic abuse on Heard and was later revealed to be the victim instead with Heard acting as the abuser. 


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Following director James Wan’s announcement of the title for Aquaman’s sequel film, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, fans of Depp are raging and calling it “an injustice” as Depp was fired from Fantastic Beasts. A petition to remove Heard from Aquaman 2 is also being passed around. 

Depp and Heard met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009 and began dating in early 2012. Heard split up with partner Tasya van Ree and was reportedly arrested in 2009 for assaulting her then-girlfriend, which was rebuked by van Ree herself. In 2015, Depp and Heard tied the knot in a private ceremony before Heard filed for divorced in 2016 accusing Depp of physical abuse.


PA (This picture is shown in court after an alleged bust-up with Johnny Depp at their Los Angeles penthouse in December 2015.)

She alleged that later, at the time of filing for divorce, an incident had recently taken place in which Depp threw his phone at her, leaving her with a bruised face. However, a police spokesman revealed that an investigation into the domestic incident radio call found that no crime had taken place.

It wasn’t until 2020 when phone recordings were released in which Heard admitted to “hitting” Depp.

In the recording, Heard could be heard saying,

“I can’t promise you I won’t get physical again. God, I [sic] sometimes get so mad I lose it.”

Two of Depp’s exes came to his defence, with Winona Ryder saying,

“The idea that he is an incredibly violent person is the farthest thing from the Johnny [Depp] I knew and loved. I cannot wrap my head around these accusations.”

Vanessa Paradis, the mother of Depp’s children, also rejected the notion that Depp is abusive, citing:

“…nothing like the true Johnny I have known, and from my personal experience of many years, I can say he was never violent or abusive to me.”


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