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Kendall Finally Explained Why She Ranked Kourtney As ”The Worst” Kardashian Parent

‘’Happened to be the last one’’, okay Kendall



Hey, remember back in December last, Kendall went on The Late Late Show with Harry Styles and was forced to rank her siblings in order of best to worst parent during a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts? 

Yeah, and instead of consuming the gross dish Harry placed in front of her, Kendall named Rob as the best parent, then proceeded the list with Khloé, Kim, and Kylie as the next best. Basically, she left Kourtney for last and determined that the Poosh founder was the worst Kardashian parent of all. It’s okay let us remind you with this full clip below: 

Now, after almost a year later, Kourtney brought it up on an episode of Kate Hudson’s podcast. Talking about how annoying it was, the mother of three said, “I saw her right after at a party, and she ran up to me and was like, ‘Oh my god! I said this thing and I said you as the last parent, and ha ha ha, it was a joke. I didn’t mean it!’ And I was like, ‘Okay….’”

At that point, Kendall chimed in and added, “First of all, that is not what I said to you. I went up to you because I was like, ‘I’m going to put Rob before the rest,’ so I’m just going to throw them out there. And I swear to god, Kourtney happened to be the last one.”


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Then Kendall said they’re all “incredible parents” and she “can’t really speak for anyone” because she’s not a parent. Ultimately, Kendall thinks “naturally, there are definitely differences in discipline and all those things. But [that’s] not to say any of them are right or wrong or bad.”

That didn’t fully appease Kourtney, who added that the family might consider her an “easy target.” She explained, “Me or Khloé would’ve been the easiest ones to say it about. I feel like, forget about it if you said the same about Kim and Kylie.”

Well, sisters will always be sisters. They’ll fight and then the next day they’ll go to lunch together. But then again, by embarrassing your sister in a live television show? Errrrr. A bit too much? 

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