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Lil Nas X’s Mother Is Seen Begging On The Street In Viral Video; Fans React

“I’m literally crying…”



If you had the means, you’d want to spoil your loved ones with gifts, food and so on right? Many, celebrities especially are known to buy their parents houses or cars once they “make it”. However, recently, a video of Lil Nas X’s mum begging on the street has gone viral, with many wondering how a superstar like Lil Nas X would leave his mother in such a state.



The ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ hitmaker was called out when his mother was found begging on the streets for food. A fan uploaded a video of Montero’s (his real name is Montero Lamar Hill) mother, who the fan bumped into. The fan is seen filming a woman who was standing on the corner of a street, anxiously holding a “feed me” sign. He then rolled down his window and asked her,


“Aren’t you Lil Nas’ mom?”


The rapper’s mother responds inaudibly.



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Naturally, with a video of such nature, you’d feel some sort of sympathy. Many have called out the Grammy award-winning rapper for not helping his own mother. One reality star, in particular – Bobby Lytes (of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ fame) – expressed his sadness, commenting:

“I’m literally crying…”


Others also hopped on the sympathy train, condemning the 22-year-old rapper and bringing up the fact that they’d help their mother – even if they were battling addiction – with comments like:


“I could NEVER be a millionaire and have my mother on the ** streets. He ain’t nothing but the devil.”

“I could never let my mother be in the streets! Addict or not I would have to find a way to help her! That’s embarrassing not because he’s an artist but for anyone.”



Despite all this backlash, there seemed to be just as many fans backing up the superstar, including Skai Jackson who stood up to explain the situation –


Photo via Amy Sussman, Leon Bennett/Getty Images


“He did try to help her and even put her in rehab but it didn’t work. You can’t help someone that doesn’t wanna be helped. Praying for her.”


Fellow artist Shawcy (Bianca Shaw) the same sentiment –


Photo via


“The truth is, in my experience, you can’t help, not until they are truly ready to help themselves.”


Netizens who know of Lil Nas X’s background and have family members who are struggling with addiction also spoke up in defence of the rapper.


Photo via Instagram @theneighborhoodtalk


Lil Nas hasn’t responded to the video, but he has mentioned before that his relationship with his mother hasn’t been the best. The “Old Town Road” hitmaker said:


“I never really talk about my mom. She’s an addict so we don’t have the closest relationship. Even trying to get her better – things didn’t quite work out. But there’s still love…”


So, I guess it’s clear to say that you shouldn’t judge someone or a situation based on what you see!



*Cover image credit: @lilnasx / @theneighborhoodtalk

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