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Local Actor Advised By ‘Mak Cik Bawang’ To Not Pamper Wife

“Islam has never taught men to pamper women to this extent.”



It’s the responsibility of a man to take care of his wife. Of course, most men will go the extra mile and pamper their wives as well. While it’s not compulsory, it’s a gesture to show that you truly appreciate your partner.

Surprisingly to this local actor, a ‘mak cik bawang‘ thought his actions were excessive. He shared the comment on his Instagram.



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A post shared by AERIL ZAFREL (@aeril_zafrel)


“If possible don’t follow Aeril and Wawa. Sorry but Aeril is pampering his wife too much. Islam has never taught men to pamper women to this extent. Islam only teaches men to be the protector of women. Bad enough you’re pampering so much, you’re showing off that you’re rich as well. You wanna build a mosque and show people. That’s called showing off. Sorry lah Aeril I am not your fan.”


The posting has shocked 32-year-old Aeril Zafrel. captioning the photo “Ada nampak orang komen mcm ni. Betul ke kita tak boleh manjakan isteri , dan hanya jadi pelindung je?? 🤔🤔 CONTOH : *buat2 pandai.


“Saw someone comment like this. Is it true we can’t pamper our wives and are only meant as protectors? Example: Acting smart.”


Here are some of the responses from his followers.


Photo via Instagram/@aeril_zafrel


“So is he supposed to pamper his neighbour’s wife? I’m confused.”


Photo via Instagram/@aeril_zafrel


“She’s just jealous that her husband doesn’t pamper her. Aeril wants to pamper me too. It’s not wrong. Can I borrow your Mustang (Aeril)?”


Photo via Instagram/@aeril_zafrel


Aeril Zafrel and Wawa Zainal (real name Nur Hawa Zainal Abidin) secretly got married on the 25th of February 2012. Since then, they’ve been gifted with three children.

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @aeril_zafrel


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