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Local Artist Maintains Cool On Live Television As Actress Justifies ‘Stealing’ Her Husband

“What an easy life, as if she didn’t do anything.”



Does an apology suffice?


Finding your soulmate can be a difficult process, what with most journeys being truly unpredictable. What can we say? Nothing is certain in the relationship world, much less with love in a general sense of the word.


An example of this would be a case between two Malaysian public figures, Intan Saleh and actress Izreen Azminda who were invited to be guests on the programme “Melodi Raya”, broadcasted over the weekend.



The short clip of the programme shared on Twitter by user @AmyIzat was shared with the caption: “See my reaction omg!!! Because of work be professional but who knows what’s going on in my heart.” It shows Intan keeping her composure (on live TV!) as Izreen tries to console and apologize to her.


Photo via YouTube/TV3MALAYSIA Official


Console and apologise for what exactly? This netizen gives context to the short clip by tweeting: “She already apologized to the ex-wife (Intan) because of stealing her man. Enough of causing a stir on social media regarding their household because they’ve already apologized.”

They explained further: “Yaa. The man divorced her and then married Izreen quietly. If I’m not mistaken in this video Izreen apologized to his ex-wife (Intan). What an easy life, as if she didn’t do anything.”


Here is the full episode to understand the whole story:


*Cover Image Credit: YouTube TV3MALAYSIA Official

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