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Lucky Dog! Apparently Harry Styles Used To Be ‘The Crown’ Emma Corrin’s Dog Sitter

Musician, actor and a dog sitter? What can’t this man do?




Emma Corrin on Playing Princess Diana and The Crown Season 4 Final SceneHarper’s Bazaar

While The Crown’s Emma Corrin may just be a new face in the industry at the moment, she however has become a fast favourite following her doppelgänger performance as Princess Diana in the show’s latest season.

The Crown's' Emma Corrin knows Princess Diana from the inside out | Tv –  Gulf NewsGulf News

But fans can’t help but gush over the actress further over a revelation about an encounter with Harry Styles, she has completely won our hearts! During an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Emma Corrin revealed that Harry Styles was her dog sitter once—but may never ever be again, after a specific incident.


Harry Styles Once Dog Sit 'The Crown' Star Emma Corrin's DogGrazia USA

“I read that Harry Styles walks your dog, is that true?” Fallon asked the actress. In the clip, she admits: “He once dog sat for me. The thing I love about it is my dog has no idea. That’s the wonderful thing about it. For my dog, it’s just a person.”

Harry Styles Refuses To Watch Emma Corrin's Dog For Bizarre ReasoniHeartRadio

As it turns out, Styles has actually not abandoned his music career for a career in dog sitting and it might all be her pet pooch Spencer’s fault.

Catch the interview down below:

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