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Malaysian Actresses Nora Danish And Tiz Zaqyah Test Positive For COVID-19

“Stay home, it’s everywhere, no joke.”



Cases are skyrocketing and these two actresses are some of the latest victims of the coronavirus. 


Nora took to Instagram to share the news, along with an apology to those who may have come into contact with her.



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A post shared by naOradaishi (@noradanish)


She wrote a caption saying,


“With a heavy heart, I announce that I am tested positive for COVID-19 as of today on May 9.”


The 39-year-old beauty added that, 


“I got tested yesterday as I was a close contact for Category C. The result came out this morning and confirmed that I am COVID-19 positive despite showing no symptoms.”


She also urged those who have come into contact with her between the 4th to 8th of May to get tested. The post was concluded with a heartfelt message saying,


“Stay safe and follow the SOPs. I’m sorry 🙏🏼”


The mother of 3 quarantined herself in her room in order to keep her children and husband safe. Following that, the ‘Polis Evo’ actress recently posted another update on Instagram, expressing her relief that her husband and children are fine. 



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A post shared by naOradaishi (@noradanish)


“My husband, Mohamed Nedim, and children Putra Rayqal and Mohamed Neqayl have tested negative. 🙏🏼 Thank you for your prayers ❤️🙏🏼”


Tiz Zaqyah, on the other hand, suffered a mild cough and shivers before announcing that she tested positive with an Instagram post. 


“Started off with little coughs and short shivers. Sensed my body wasn’t acting the same,” she captioned the photo. 


The 32-year-old used the social media platform to advise others on adhering to SOP guidelines and being responsible to contain the spread of the disease. 


“⚠️PLEASE Get yourself tested if you ;-

Have fever, flu, sneezing, coughing, headaches. Don’t be too certain because some may not show any symptoms at all. JUST GO GET YOURSELF TESTED before the worst happens ⚠️,” she said. “STAY HOME. It’s everywhere. No joke.” 


The ‘Nur Kasih’ actress finished off her post by saying,


“Keep me and my family in your prayers and stay safe buddies. Be responsible.”


*Cover image via Instagram @tiz.zaqyah/ @noradanish

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