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M’sian Actress Mimi Lana Slams Claims That “Only New Actors” Have Problematic Attitudes

“New actors or old actors are the same.”



Recently, senior actors in the Malaysian film industry Fizz Fairuz and Rusdi Ramli voiced their disappointment with and complaints about the attitudes of youngins in the film industry. As the trend of hiring social media influences in films and TV shows continues to gain traction, the two took to their social media accounts to publically call out newbies in the film industry. Ramli, who was the first to speak about the issue, explained in an interview that the younger actors were often glued to their phones and would rarely engage or mingle with their co-stars. Fairuz then backed him up, posting a screenshot from Ramli’s interview in a now-deleted post, sharing:


“This has been going on for ages, no point bringing it up, it’s not the same as before, so many have spoken out. But things haven’t changed, because the budget is good, they give you a manager, there’s an assistant. No discipline, they don’t memorise the script but that’s the reality. No respect and they can even ask ‘Who’s that?’”


Recently, local actress Mimi Lana (real name Mimi Rozaiana binti Zainal Abidin) has responded to their criticism by tweeting that the issue is one that arises with both veteran and new actors, “not only with new actors.” The ‘Hati Yang Tersakiti’ actress pointed out that it is everyone’s responsibility – no matter their years of experience – to act in a professional manner. She acknowledges the points that both Fairuz and Ramli brought up, adding:


“Being a ‘new actor’ isn’t a ticket for the excuse of not reading or understanding the script, that is your responsibility. Being an experienced actor, on the other hand, isn’t a ticket to always arrive late to set and to act snobbish and as if everything that you say is true,”



The 25-year-old actress’s acting credits go as far back as 2013, and with almost 50 projects under her belt, she has worked with many different people over the years. She points out:


“New actors or old actors are the same. Both need to watch their attitudes and be good examples on set. I have worked with new actors and old actors. I don’t think it makes sense if we only call out new actors.”



At the end of the day, both parties have a point. There are two things that matter: a) professionalism and b) a lack of generalisation. Professionalism is a characteristic everyone – no matter the industry, years of experience or age – should maintain while generalisation can cause conflict, minimising the hard work of others (that may not act the same way but are forced into the same category anyway).



*Cover image credits: @missmimilana

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