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M’sians Are #Thirsty In The Comment Section of Actor Zul Ariffin’s Pool Pics

“Are you lost baby?”



Just mention the name ‘Zul Ariffin’ and see the eyes of many a woman (and men, really) go glassy as they picture the handsome Perak-born actor. For the uninitiated, the 34-year-old actor and model of Malay-Dutch ancestry, first broke out into the local acting scene in 2008, through the drama ‘Awan Dania’. He went on to land roles in ‘Evolusi KL Drift 2’,  ‘Gerak Khas’, ‘Balistik’, ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ and more.


Recently, the actor took to his Instagram account to post multiple pictures of himself, notably shirtless, as he lounges in an outdoor bathtub and a pool.



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A post shared by zul_ariffin (@zul_ariffin)


His post earned him tonnes – and I mean tonnes – of “🔥” and “😍” emojis. But, some of the more stand-out comments included ones from women who claim that he has shaken their faith with his attractiveness, notions that he is the perfect embodiment of the end of an era, that his pictures were “too much for their eyes” and the now-infamous line, “Are you lost baby (girl)?”. One fan even compared him to the Italian actor, Michele Morrone who plays ‘Massimo Torricelli’ in the film ‘365 DNI’.



There were also comments from guys, of course, with one jokingly asking why Ariffin had “stolen his six-pack”.



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A post shared by zul_ariffin (@zul_ariffin)


It has not gone unnoticed (to this writer) how the reactions to Ariffin’s shirtless images are vastly different from reactions to actress Nonny Nadirah’s recent change in image.


Meanwhile, the actor has been caught up in accusations that he’s the reason behind the end of a local actresses relationship. Denying his involvement, he stated:


“There is no reason for me to be behind the end of her engagement. Like I have nothing else to do. I have no involvement in the issue!”


And a busy man, Zul Ariffin is. He’s just wrapped up filming for “Polis EVO 3” and “Abang Long Fadil 3”, as well as involved in the drama adaptation of writer Acik Lana’s novel ‘Love, Elsa’.


*Cover image credits: @zulariffin

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