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Neelofa Requests for “Space” As She Deals With The Allegations Made Against Her

Netizens remain furious.



Just in case you are out of the loop, Malaysian artist Neelofa has been making headlines since last week when she and her newly-wed husband were spotted in Langkawi. This causes anger among netizens as interstate travelling is strictly prohibited according to the latest COVID-19 SOP guidelines. 


They felt that due to the couple’s wealth and celebrity status, they were given the privilege to break the same laws without repercussions that previous guilty Malaysian citizens have faced consequences for. 


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This time around, Neelofa pleads for some space to resolve the issue regarding her and celebrity preacher husband PU Riz’s supposed violation of the COVID-19 SOP. 



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She declines to make further comments regarding the lack of social distancing and proper SOPs at her wedding last month, as well as her interstate business travel which many speculate to be her honeymoon. 


“I don’t want to comment at length as it could be detrimental to the situation. Give me space to settle amicably and calmly without pressure from any party. After all, I don’t have to explain in detail what I’m going to do. Give me space to resolve it myself with the relevant parties,” she said.


She also added that, “After all, we will be celebrating Ramadan soon. I wanted to complete all the outstanding work before the fasting month began. Praise be to God, everything was resolved last week and through feedback from many, we were offered to open more than one branch of our beverage store.”


Dang Wangi District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Muhamad Zainal Abdullah revealed that the investigation is expected to be completed within a week before it is submitted to the Deputy Public Prosecutor for further action. 


*Cover image via Instagram @neelofa


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