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NH3! Niall Horan’s Third Album: Release Date, New Music & Everything To Know So Far

“Currently writing,” Niall said when someone asked about NH3.” It’s oficially happening!



Niall Horan new album NH3


Less than a year after former One Direction member Niall Horan dropped his second studio album Heartbreak Weather in March 2020, fans have been patiently awaiting his next music release anddd to top it off  the man himself has spoken earlier in the year that he has new music on the brain.

The Slow Hands singer first teased the tracks on his personal  Instagram Stories in January 2021 while having a fans Q&A. “Currently writing,” Niall said when someone asked about NH3. “Just figuring it all out currently.” Well, we hope he figures it out soon because we could all use some new music in the new year! And it’s fair to say the world could always do with more Niall!

Heartbreak Weather Niall Horan


Here’s everything you need to know, including the release date, collaborations and tracklist.

When will Niall’s third album be released?

Keeping it hush-hush! The singer hasn’t announced a projected release date just yet. However, Niall Horan has been cooking up some new music after being spotted in the studio!

Has Niall released any new songs yet?

Besides the Heartbreak Weather album, Niall hasn’t dropped any new tracks this year.

Will Niall release any new music soon?

Niall confirmed on his Instagram stories that he’s “writing” new music but doesn’t think he’ll “be releasing anything for a while … need time as per usual.” And to top it off Niall Horan has been in the studio, fuelling hope that NH3 is officially happening.

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