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“Outside You Look Fine, Inside You Are Comatose,” Diana Danielle Was Burned Out, But Labeled “Lazy” Instead

“Yes, I know burnout first hand.”



We often see or hear people sharing their day-to-day stresses on social media: be it as a result of pressure at work or their personal life. This can subconsciously cause us to assume that our worries, though being common to experiences, are normal. However, it is not healthy to continuously ignore how one feels. Stress, if not managed, can interfere with the way we process our emotions, react to situations and cause illness as well.


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And as “glamorous” as their lives may seem, celebrities and public figures also feel emotional and are often overwhelmed by them – they are human too, after all. As recently as a few days ago, local actress Janna Nick shared a video on her personal Instagram account, in which she shares her exhaustion as she speaks about the immense pressure she was under. The My Coffee Prince actress was seen crying in the video and her honesty led fans to share their support for her, calling for her to take care of herself by seeking time to rest and recuperate.



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Unfortunately, yet another Malaysian actress has had a similar reaction. American-born Malaysian actress Diana Danielle was next to share, taking to her Instagram stories to detail what “burnout” can feel like. The 29-year-old shared her personal journey with “burnout”, and how she felt for 8 months between July 2020 until February 2021. She went on to explain the cause and effects burnout has on one’s body, sharing that it is not something that people should brush off.


“As an actress that works literally around the clock, kadang ambik 4-5 projects at one go, I’m still studying, I have a small business and having to handle SEMUA tentang family, yes, I know burnout first hand.”



Diana also shared the types of stress as well as the symptoms of burnout to look out for. While sharing, the Magica actress also expressed her sadness and was close to tears as she recalled the difficult time she had. She advised fans to not wait too long to identify the signs, as once burnout and exhaustion becomes chronic, it’s difficult to escape the cycle.


“A burnout is total exhaustion, outside you look fine, inside you are near comatose.”


However, there remain fans who believe the actress is overreacting and have labelled her as “lazy” despite her long list of responsibilities. Fortunately, the actress does not take this to heart; instead, choosing to forgive those who have said this to her.  After all, it takes walking a mile in someone’s shoes to understand how difficult it is to go through something so heavy on an emotional and psychological level.



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Stay positive and healthy Diana Danielle!

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