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Sam Smith Channeled Beyoncé & Christina Aguilera To Get Through “First Proper Heartbreak” Song On New Album

Smith also confirmed the drop of a new music video Thursday night ahead of the album’s release.



Smith – who recently revealed that ‘Love Goes’ is their “safest” album yet – has gone on to say that the single is also their first “first proper heartbreak” record to date. In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Smith (who identifies with the pronouns they/them) got candid about how personal their upcoming album is and what it meant to them. To start off the interview, Smith shared just how much has changed with them in the past two to three years since the release of their 2017 album, ‘The Thrill of It All’. Speaking about their relief of having completed their third studio album, Smith reflected:


“I feel super emotional about it because … the last two years have been a really, really mad time of experimentation, of finding myself with my gender expression, with so much that has happened the last two years. It’s captured in this music.”



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Despite all the love songs that Smith has sung before, ‘Love Goes’ is on a whole other plane of intimacy. Smith calls it their first “proper heartbreak” record yet, stating:


“I’d say [this was] the first proper time I’ve been actually heartbroken. That feeling of they’re gone, you can’t sleep, the really, really bad feeling. The others were the idea of it and it was pure unrequited love. This, I would like to say that we loved each other. So yeah, it was proper.”


In a separate interview with NPR, Smith addressed the lyrics

“I tried to change you, tried to make you into someone else / I guess the only one I’m fooling is my stupid self.”

in ‘Love Goes’, by explaining how it reflected the first real heartbreak that they experienced.


“I think love always stays with you. But I think that this whole last few years of my life marks my first proper relationship, and I think I got a clearer understanding of what love meant as an act. I don’t think I really understood that before I wrote this record. Everything you go through with someone else, you own that forever. But the love, the actual love, does go.”



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Smith recently posted on Twitter about how they’d been attending therapy to deal with what they think is “the most challenging time of [their] short 27 years here.” That, coupled with the help of some iconic women in music, helped Smith their album done.


“I was like, ‘The only way I’m going to get off my a** and get out of bed is if I channel my Beyoncé – if I channel my Christina, and all these divas and I turned to them. Robyn, for me, was huge on this record. Just listened to her nonstop because I could dance and be sad at the same time and feel empowered.”



Not only did we get an intimate look behind what is bound to be a beautiful album, but Smith also revealed that the music video for one of the tracks on the new album, ‘Kids Again’ is set to be released this week. The video, as part of YouTube’s weekly ‘Released’ series, will premiere on Thursday at 11:45 p.m. ET (11:45 AM on Friday, the 30th of October).


Watch the full interview here:


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