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Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Finally Revealed How Their Relationship Began In His New Documentary

“She’s got my back, and I think that’s what your partner’s are for.”




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He’s bearing it all out, yet again! We love it!

Shawn Mendes’s documentary, Shawn Mendes: In Wonder, is finally here and if you are a superfan, there’s a pleasant surprise awaiting, as we dive into the singer’s mind. The story focuses on taking fans behind the scenes to look at his self-titled world tour as he juggles life and his brand new album, we finally get to see Shawn’s life unfold, with it’s ups and downs.

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Filled with montages of Shawn’s projects and music, fans also got the chance to see a peak into his personal life, especially his relationship with Camila Cabello. The couple even revealed the story of how they first got together and to much surprise it hasn’t been an easy journey.


“I guess it must’ve been four or five years ago, we were backstage at this Taylor Swift show. I went to his dressing room to say hi and we like started writing this song. And then after that we like spent a lot of time with each other because we had this song together and we did a whole Jingle Ball tour together,” Camila said. “And that’s really when the saga started. I really liked him.”

“For the past like four years, just being friends and not being able to see each other very often, to finally be able to be together, she was always there to look after me as a human being,” Shawn added. “She’s got my back, and I think that’s what your partner’s are for.”

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And how can we forget the scene, where Shawn revealed to Camilla that his songs were all about her! You can catch him saying those loving words in the trailer down below!

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