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Shawn Mendes Is Giving Throwback Feels After Finally Cutting His Long Quarantine Hair

The short hair is back, and we’re not complaining 😉



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Say goodbye to Shawn Mendes’ lovely long quarantine locks!

The singer/ songwriter posted his new hair to his millions of Instagram followers where he showed off the new hairstyle that will certainly make some fans happy as well as take them down memory lane to young Shawn back in the day, remember when Stiches was a hit? Just like many of us, Shawn had been growing out his hair during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine continued also because the man has been too busy working on his latest album, Wonder.

Some fans couldn’t help but notice that the huge cut interestingly enough came days after girlfriend Camila pointed out his long hair in her Valentine’s Day post on her personal Instagram account. As expected fans of the Wonder singer are already freaking out over the brand new “look”, with some mixed feelings defending his longer style while others are excited to see him back to his original look.

Check their erratic response down below:

Shawn hasn’t revealed why he decided to go back to his old hairstyle but what we are not complaining! Hello sir!! Either way, we have to say, it’s nice to see short hair Shawn back in all his glory!

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