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Gal Gadot Revealed Why Princess Diana Was Her Inspiration For ‘Wonder Woman’

“I wanted to portray a character that people will be inspired by but also be able to relate to,” she said.



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Many actors usually source inspiration from the people around them, other actors in the industry, or just icons of the world!


Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot revealed she based her character of Diana Prince on Princess Diana. At a recent Vanity Fair Live event on Tuesday, Gadot said she watched a documentary about the late Princess of Wales, and it inspired her performance as the iconic superhero.


“I remember watching a documentary about Princess Diana … and there was a part where they say that she was full of compassion and she always cared for the people. And that was like, ding, ding, ding, ding. That should be the Wonder Woman that we have.”

She further elaborated:


“How can you connect to a goddess that’s super strong and has it all and [is] super perfect? I wanted to show her vulnerabilities and heart. I wanted to portray a character that people will be inspired by but also be able to relate to,” 


Gadot has now played Wonder Woman in two main character films and has found a way to fans heart through the superhero, remains an inspiration to young women around the world.


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Princess Diana was well-loved as the “People’s Princess” and was known for her activism, charity work, and her compassionate nature. She stole the hearts of many around the world  — both qualities that the superhero actress wanted to incorporate into her version of Wonder Woman.


The film Wonder Woman 1984, a sequel to the 2017’s standalone, released back in December 2020 – thankfully – will not be the last we see of the superhero. Both Gadot and director Patty Jenkins will once again return for the third movie.


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