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Spotify Pages Of Dua Lipa And More Hacked By Fan Who Wants To Promote His What?!

This takes self promo to another level!





If you’re asking how did someone hack one of the biggest and most used audio streaming app, Spotify, and to top it off pages of major artists such as Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Future and Pop Smoke’s pages we’re used for self promotion? We’re asking the same question!

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A few days ago a man who identified himself as Daniel Lahooti and or his online persona @lilweej69 on the app Snapchat hacked multiple musicians’ official Spotify accounts!

Each singer’s page was hacked with a selfie of his and a Snapchat Snapcode. Lana Del Rey’s page was also updated with an image of Taylor Swift in her biography section. What could possibly make him do that?!


In addition to the celebrities images being changed, he shared the same message in their biography section as well.

Check the screenshots from fans down below:

The hacker called himself Daniel, and replaced the celebrities’ photos with one of himself. The action will be an embarrassment to the platform’s security efforts. It is the most popular app of its kind. The attacker also asked people to add him on Snapchat, and added the words “Trump 2020”.

We think it’s time Spotify up their security game!

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