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Twitter Is Comparing Jill Biden’s Inauguration Look To Britney’s 2001 VMA Gown

Remember the iconic 2001 Vma denim gown?



Did Dr. Jill Biden take a style cue from Britney Spears? Twitter certainly thinks so! The new First Lady stunned for her husband Joe Biden‘s inauguration in a blue tweed jacket by Markarian dress and coat that some fans thought was reminiscent of Britney’s iconic denim dress look from 2001! The pop star wore the unique strapless gown with then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake as the pair walked the red carpet and the look hasn’t been forgotten since (just look at memes).

“Dr Jill Biden, FLOTUS, queen, is giving me very much Britney 2001 vibes and I’m here for it,” a Twitter user posted, including a photo of Britney from 20 years ago. Another one wrote; “Dr. Jill Biden looks how I imagine Britney Spears will look when she’s older.” Of course, there is a 30 year age difference between the gorgeous women: Jill is 69, while Britney is 39.

As for Britney, her unforgettable denim look just celebrated a milestone 20th anniversary! The Kurt and Bart designed dress was one of a kind, and she added some serious 2000s vibes with a rhinestone choker, bracelets and chain belt. “It was really organic… it was just two kids, wanting to do something cool, and being super cute, matching. It was kind of like their prom,” Steven Gerstein, who designed Justin’s matching out outfit said to Jezebel in June.

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