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Vivy Yusof Plans To Publish Memoir About Her Entrepreneur Journey

In honour of FashionValet turning 10 next month!




First off, congratulations to Asia’s fastest growing retail e-commerce, FashionValet, who’s turning 10 next month! Second of all, the famous co-founder, Vivy Yusof has big plans up her sleeve to celebrate the magnificent milestone. 

(Source: Instagram)

Yup, the 32-years-old businesswoman took to her Instagram to share about her plans to pen a book that reflects her ‘’roller coaster rides of ups down’’ in entrepreneurship journey. She opens up about how for the past 10 years of her career as an entrepreneur, it certainly has not been an easy journey. The fashion and beauty mogul said that she isn’t perfect—and even admitted for making too many mistakes along the way. Regardless, she assured everyone that she will remain positive for many more years to come.


“Marks my 10th year as an entrepreneur too. With all the learnings from my first decade, I feel like I should write a book!,” she captioned under the photo she took at one of the FV office branches. ‘’So many achievements, so many mistakes, so many stories I haven’t told. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, and I’m about to enter the second decade of this awesome ride. Ride with me?’’ 

Vivy Yusof, along with her husband, Fadzarudin Shah Anuar, first launched the brand back in November 2010. The retail empire has grown rapidly; starting from Kuala Lumpur, FashionValet has branched out across South East Asia, including Singapore, Brunei and Jakarta. Congratulations again to FashionValet and Vivy Yusof! And goodluck

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