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Watch: Jake Paul Causes Havoc At A Presser Between Logan Paul & Floyd Mayweather




All because of a stolen hat.

It should not shock anyone that a spectacle intended to provide entertainment for everyone rather than contribute to the actual sport turned into chaos on Thursday. The press conference for the fight between championship boxer Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul which already started off pretty intense, ended with some hands being thrown and a heated exchange.




This happened on stage after the face-off. Mayweather took aim at Jake Paul, saying he could easily beat both Paul brothers in the same night. That was enough to provoke the younger Paul brother. Moments later he got into Mayweather’s face and tried to set up his own event.

Everything got out of control when Jake took Mayweather’s hat. Here’s footage from Mayweather’s Instagram live:

Here’s one from the YouTuber himself:



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A post shared by Jake Paul (@jakepaul)

Things continued to get heated down in the tunnel.

According to Jake Paul on his Twitter, whose name has now been changed to “GOTCHA HAT”, apparently he was planning to steal Mayweather’s hat all along.

Jake then went on to explain why he did what he did.

He isn’t done with the hat just yet, he also released merch to follow the hype.

Jake later updates that he was indeed injured from the earlier scuffle with Mayweather.

Getting back to the actual point of the press conference, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather are scheduled to face-off in an exhibition match on June 6th in Miami Gardens.

Well, that’s MMA for you guys. Even the press conferences are pumped with adrenaline. Are you looking forward to their fight?

*Cover Image Credit: Instagram @jakepaul @Bradxx_

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