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Watch: Millie Bobby Brown In Tears After Traumatizing Fan Encounter

“Where are my rights to say no?”




Millie Bobby Brown Shares Emotional Video About Setting Boundaries With Fans | Trevor Decker NewsTrevor Decker News

Millie Bobby Brown broke down as she shared an upsetting and traumatic breach of privacy with a fan encounter to followers late yesterday night, saying she was harassed and treated with no respect as a human being with emotions while out shopping with her mom.

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Speaking on her personal Instagram account, the Stranger Things alum said that a fan simply wouldn’t leave her alone and made her feel extremely uncomfortable after asking to take a video of her! Creep alert!

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Millie could help but break down and cry as she revealed the harassment, telling her followers, “Where are my rights to say no?”


Watch the tearful video down below:

She ended the heart wrenching video asking her fans and followers to bare in mind her human basic rights, and to show more respect towards each other. Especially highlighting that she is a human being that deserves her boundaries to be respected It was later reported by E! News that the actress later hopped back online to write “I am totally fine now. But was emotional in the moment because I felt uncomfortable and disrespected.”

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Let’s hope fans of Millie’s message to heart and to respect her decisions when she says no!

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