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Welp! Brad Pitt Just Secured His First Major Win Against Angelina Jolie

‘’It tells me if I were Mr. Pitt I’d be very happy based on these court documents’’



This just in: Angelina Jolie’s attempt to have the judge removed in her divorce case from Brad Pitt has been denied. 

A little backstory here, shall we? So, Angelina sought to have Judge John W. Ouderkirk removed from overseeing her divorce case with Brad in paperwork filed on Aug. 7, 2020, because she claimed that the judge, “failed to make timely mandatory disclosures of ongoing business and professional relationships between himself” and attorneys for the Moneyball actor. 

Not just that, the judge himself (Mr. Ouderkirk) was the one who legally married the couple back in 2014, though they had a formal family wedding ceremony at their chateau in the south of France.

Brad’s lawyers then called Angelina’s demands for a new judge “a thinly-veiled attempt’’ by the actress to delay the adjudication of long-pending custody issues in this case.” Even though Brad has been seeking a 50-50 custody agreement with Angelina over the couple’s five minor children, she has been fighting the actor on his request. 


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This is just the latest development in the ongoing divorce and custody battle, as Angelina’s attorney Priya Sopori filed a “Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney of Record” on Oct. 9 with the Los Angeles Superior Court. She had been working alongside Angie’s primary attorney Samantha Bley DeJean before quitting the case.


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Top divorce attorney Raoul Felder of Stutman Stutman Lichtenstein & Felder told us at the time that Priya leaving the case seemed to be good news for Brad. “It tells me if I were Mr. Pitt I’d be very happy based on these court documents because there are not many things worse than this that could happen. It’s basically saying that something bad is happening in the petitioners’ case,” Felder explained. “Either she is simply not following the lawyer’s advice or there is some reason the lawyer just wants to get off the case.” Ooohhh. 

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